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5x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters

Youzhan is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces 5x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. These hub adapters are made from aircraft quality, truly forged, lightweight 6061 T6 billet. After CNC processing, it has high load capacity and maintains the original vehicle driving characteristics. After anodizing, it has corrosion resistance. Comes with heat treated grade 10.9 steel studs and comes with mounting lug nuts.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you 5x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters. Our Billet Wheel Adapter featuring a 5x5.5" Bolt Pattern facilitates the mounting of wheels with a distinct bolt pattern onto hubs initially designed with a 5x5.5" configuration. These 5x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters serve as linkage components between vehicle hubs and wheels, guaranteeing accurate fitment and compatibility during installation. Crafted from Forged 6061-T6 Aircraft Blank, it's a comprehensive kit for hassle-free installation. Notably, our specialization lies in creating adapters, welcoming customized orders. Our stringent quality control department ensures the reliability of every product, and we offer in-house customization of special sizes upon request.

Product Parameters

Part No Vehicle Wheel I.D. Stud
5x5.50-5x4.50-78.1-9/16" 5x5.50" 5x4.50" 78.1mm 9/16"-18
5x5.50-5x4.50-87.1-1/2" 5x5.50" 5x4.50" 87.1mm 1/2"-20
5x5.50-5x4.50-87.1-12x1.50 5x5.50" 5x4.50" 87.1mm 12mm 1.50
5x5.50-5x4.75-87.1-1/2" 5x5.50" 5x4.75" 87.1mm 1/2"-20
5x5.50-5x4.75-87.1-12x1.50 5x5.50" 5x4.75" 87.1mm 12mm 1.50
5x5.50-5x5-87.1-1/2" 5x5.50" 5x5.00" 87.1mm 1/2"-20
5x5.50-77.8-9/16" 5x5.50" 5x5.50" 77.8mm 9/16"-18
5x5.50-87.1-1/2" 5x5.50" 5x5.50" 87.1mm 1/2"-20
5x5.50-87.1-14x1.50 5x5.50" 5x5.50" 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
5x5.50-108-1/2" 5x5.50" 5x5.50" 108mm 1/2"-20
5x5.50-108-12x1.25 5x5.50" 5x5.50" 108mm 12mm 1.25
5x5.50-108-9/16" 5x5.50" 5x5.50" 108mm 9/16"-18
5x5.50-6x5.50-108-1/2" 5x5.50" 6x5.50" 108mm 1/2"-20
5x5.50-6x135-108-1/2" 5x5.50" 6x135mm 108mm 1/2"-20

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