6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters
  • 6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters
  • 6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters
  • 6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters

6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you 6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters. Fabricated from premium billet aluminum, our 6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters prioritize durability, reliability, and resistance against corrosion. These adapters incorporate robust grade 10.9 studs, prized for their exceptional rigidity and longevity. This construction guarantees a secure and steadfast link between the vehicle and its wheels, significantly enhancing safety while driving.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy customized 6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time! The purpose of these adapters is to provide vehicle enthusiasts with the flexibility to customize their vehicles by allowing the installation of wheels that differ in bolt pattern, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and performance capabilities of their cars.

Before being dispatched, each 6x135 Billet Wheel Adapters undergoes rigorous inspection procedures to uphold the highest standards of quality and precision. This careful scrutiny and adherence to quality control measures ensure that customers receive products that meet stringent quality benchmarks, guaranteeing satisfaction and reliability for their vehicle enhancement needs.

Product Parameters

Part No Wehiee Wheel L.D Stud
6x114.3-67.1-12x1.50 6x1143mm 6x114.3mm 67.1mm 12mm 1.50
6x120-67.1-14x1.50 6x120mm 6x120mm 67.1mm 14mm 1.50
6x132-6x5.50-74.5-14x1.50 6x132mm 6x5.50" 74.5mm 14mm 1.50
6x135-87.1-14x2.00 6x135mm 6x135mm 87.1mm 14mm 2.00
6x135-87.1-14X1.50 6-135mm 6x135mm 811mm 14mm 1.50
6x135-6x5.50-87.1-14x2.00 6x135mm 6x5.50" 87.1m 14mm 2.00
6x135-6x5.50-108-14x1.50 6-135mm 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
6x139.7-95.1-12x1.50 6x139.7mm 6x139.7mm 95.1mm 12mm 1.50
6x4.50-71.5-1/2" 6x4.50" 6x4.50" 71.5mm 1/2"-20
6x4.50-66.1-12x1.25 6x4.50" 6x4.50" 66.1mm 12mm1.25
6x4.50-6x5.50-78.1-1/2" 6x4.50" 6x5.50" 78.1mm 1/2"-20
6x5-78.1-12x1.50 6x5" 6x5" 78.1mm 12mm1.5
6x5-6x5.50-78.1-12x1.50 6x5" 6x5.50" 78.1mm 12mm 1.50
6x5.50-6x135-78.1-14x2.00 6x5.50" 6x135mm 78.1mm 14mm 2.00
6x5.50-6x135-78.1-14x1.50 6x5.50 6x135mm 78.1mm 14mm 1.50
6x5.50-6x4.50-78.1-14x1.50 6x5.50" 6x4.50” 78.1mm 14mm 1.50
6x5.50-108-7/16" 6x5.50 6x5.50" 108mm 7/16"-20
6x5.50-108-12x1.50 6x5.50" 6x5.50" 108mm 12mm 1.50
6x5.50-108-14x1.50 6x5.50" 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
6x5.50-106-12x1.50 6x5.50” 6x5.50” 106mm 12mm 1.50
6x5.50-78.1-14x1.50 6x5.50" 6x5.50" 78.1mm 14mm150
6x5.50-8x170-108-14x1.50 6x5.50" 8x170mm 108mm 14mm 1.5
6x5.50-8x6.50-108-14x1.50 6x5.50" 8x6.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
6135/6500-6135-87.1-12x1.50 6x135mm/6x5.00" 6x135mm 87.1mm 12mm 1.50
6135/6550-6500-87.1-12x1.50 6x135mm/6x5.50" 6x5.00" 87.1mm 12mm 1.5
6450/6500-5150-78.3-14x1.50 6x4.50"/6x5.00" 5x150mm 78.3mm 14mm 1.50
6500/6135-6135-87.1-12x1.50 6x5.00"/6x135mm 6x135mm 87.1mm 12mm 1.50
65506135-5135-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x135mm 87.1mm 14mm150
6550/6135-5150-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x150mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-5450-87.1-1/2" 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x4.50" 87.1mm 1/2"-20
65506135-5500-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x5.00" 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-5550-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x5.50" 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-6135-108-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 6x135mm 108mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-6550-108-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm150
6550/6135-8170-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x170mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-8180-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x180mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-8200-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x200mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-8210-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x210mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
65506135-8650-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x6.50" 87.1mm 14mm 1.50

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