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6x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you 6x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters. 【Quality Guarantee】Crafted from TRUE forged 6061 T6 lightweight billet renowned for aircraft-grade quality. Meticulously CNC machined with precision craftsmanship, ensuring exceptional load capacity while maintaining stock functionality. Anodized coating applied for superior corrosion resistance. Equipped with heat-treated grade 10.9 steel studs and inclusive mounting lug nuts for added assurance.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you 6x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters. Forged from premium-grade billet steel materials, these wheel adapters are dedicated to durability, reliability, and exceptional resistance against corrosion. Engineered to establish a sturdy and secure linkage between the wheel and the vehicle, these adapters significantly elevate both safety and performance standards.

The 6x5.5" Billet Wheel Adapters empowers vehicle enthusiasts with the versatility to personalize their vehicles, enabling the fitting of wheels with diverse bolt patterns. This customization not only amplifies the vehicle's aesthetic appeal but also optimizes its performance, meeting the varied desires and requirements of discerning vehicle owners.

Key Features:

Effortlessly convert a 6x5" bolt pattern to a 6x135 MM wheel pattern.
Works seamlessly with both factory and aftermarket wheels.
Guarantees precise hub and wheel center alignment, reducing vibration even during high-speed drives.
Improves vehicle handling dynamics, enhancing overall performance.
Rectifies inadequate wheel offset, ensuring ideal wheel placement.
Enhances the vehicle's appearance by creating a more assertive stance.
Comprehensive kit includes press-in studs and lug nuts for a thorough installation process.
All-inclusive hardware kit streamlines installation without requiring extra components, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Product Parameters

Part No Wehiee Wheel L.D Stud
6x114.3-67.1-12x1.50 6x1143mm 6x114.3mm 67.1mm 12mm 1.50
6x120-67.1-14x1.50 6x120mm 6x120mm 67.1mm 14mm 1.50
6x132-6x5.50-74.5-14x1.50 6x132mm 6x5.50" 74.5mm 14mm 1.50
6x135-87.1-14x2.00 6x135mm 6x135mm 87.1mm 14mm 2.00
6x135-87.1-14X1.50 6-135mm 6x135mm 811mm 14mm 1.50
6x135-6x5.50-87.1-14x2.00 6x135mm 6x5.50" 87.1m 14mm 2.00
6x135-6x5.50-108-14x1.50 6-135mm 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
6x139.7-95.1-12x1.50 6x139.7mm 6x139.7mm 95.1mm 12mm 1.50
6x4.50-71.5-1/2" 6x4.50" 6x4.50" 71.5mm 1/2"-20
6x4.50-66.1-12x1.25 6x4.50" 6x4.50" 66.1mm 12mm1.25
6x4.50-6x5.50-78.1-1/2" 6x4.50" 6x5.50" 78.1mm 1/2"-20
6x5-78.1-12x1.50 6x5" 6x5" 78.1mm 12mm1.5
6x5-6x5.50-78.1-12x1.50 6x5" 6x5.50" 78.1mm 12mm 1.50
6x5.50-6x135-78.1-14x2.00 6x5.50" 6x135mm 78.1mm 14mm 2.00
6x5.50-6x135-78.1-14x1.50 6x5.50 6x135mm 78.1mm 14mm 1.50
6x5.50-6x4.50-78.1-14x1.50 6x5.50" 6x4.50” 78.1mm 14mm 1.50
6x5.50-108-7/16" 6x5.50 6x5.50" 108mm 7/16"-20
6x5.50-108-12x1.50 6x5.50" 6x5.50" 108mm 12mm 1.50
6x5.50-108-14x1.50 6x5.50" 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
6x5.50-106-12x1.50 6x5.50” 6x5.50” 106mm 12mm 1.50
6x5.50-78.1-14x1.50 6x5.50" 6x5.50" 78.1mm 14mm150
6x5.50-8x170-108-14x1.50 6x5.50" 8x170mm 108mm 14mm 1.5
6x5.50-8x6.50-108-14x1.50 6x5.50" 8x6.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
6135/6500-6135-87.1-12x1.50 6x135mm/6x5.00" 6x135mm 87.1mm 12mm 1.50
6135/6550-6500-87.1-12x1.50 6x135mm/6x5.50" 6x5.00" 87.1mm 12mm 1.5
6450/6500-5150-78.3-14x1.50 6x4.50"/6x5.00" 5x150mm 78.3mm 14mm 1.50
6500/6135-6135-87.1-12x1.50 6x5.00"/6x135mm 6x135mm 87.1mm 12mm 1.50
65506135-5135-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x135mm 87.1mm 14mm150
6550/6135-5150-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x150mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-5450-87.1-1/2" 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x4.50" 87.1mm 1/2"-20
65506135-5500-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x5.00" 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-5550-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 5x5.50" 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-6135-108-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 6x135mm 108mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-6550-108-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm150
6550/6135-8170-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x170mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-8180-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x180mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-8200-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x200mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
6550/6135-8210-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x210mm 87.1mm 14mm 1.50
65506135-8650-87.1-14x1.50 6x5.50"/6x135mm 8x6.50" 87.1mm 14mm 1.50

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