8x170 Billet Wheel Adapters
  • 8x170 Billet Wheel Adapters8x170 Billet Wheel Adapters

8x170 Billet Wheel Adapters

Youzhan, a China-based manufacturer and supplier, specializes in producing 8x170 Billet Wheel Adapters with extensive industry experience. We aim to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship with you. Our commitment lies in meticulously crafting wheel adapters using top-tier 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, ensuring precise fitment and exceptional durability for your vehicle. Each set of adapters is furnished with firmly pressed-in studs and lug nuts, streamlining the process of securely attaching your wheels to the adapters.

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Product Description

Purchase high-quality 8x170 Billet Wheel Adapters directly at a cost-effective price. These adapters are manufactured from premium-grade billet steel material, emphasizing durability, reliability, and resistance to corrosion. Engineered to establish a robust and secure connection between the vehicle and its wheels, our adapters significantly enhance safety and driving performance.

The 8x170 Billet Wheel Adapters offer vehicle enthusiasts the opportunity to customize their vehicles by enabling the installation of wheels with various bolt patterns. This customization not only enhances the vehicle's aesthetics but also caters to the diverse preferences and needs of vehicle owners.

Key Features:

Compatible with both original factory and aftermarket wheels featuring an 8x6.5" bolt pattern.
Ensures precise alignment of hub and wheel centers, eliminating vibrations even at high speeds.
Enhances vehicle handling dynamics, leading to overall improved performance.
Corrects improper wheel offset for optimal wheel positioning.
Enhances the vehicle's appearance by providing a more assertive stance.
Constructed from high-grade 6061 T-6 billet aluminum rod, ensuring exceptional durability.
Specifically engineered for extreme vehicles, ensuring safe towing capabilities.

Product Parameters

Part No Vehidle Wheel I.D. Stud
8x170-125-14x2.00 8x170mm 8x170mm 125mm 14mm 2.00
8x170-125-14x1.50 8x170mm 8×170mm 125mm 14mm 1.50
8x170-126.15-9/16" 8x170mm 8×170mm 126.15mm 9/16"-18
8x170-8x180-125-14x1.50 8x170mm 8x180mm 125mm 14mm 1.50
8x170-8x200-125-14x1.50 8x170mm 8x200mm 125mm 14mm 1.50
8x170-8x6.50-125-14x1.50 8x170mm 8x6.50" 125mm 14mm 1.50
8x180-6x5.50-108-14x1.50 8x180mm 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
8x180-125-14x1.50 8x180mm 8x180mm 125mm 14mm 1.50
8x180-8x210-125-14x1.50 8x180mm 8x210mm 125mm 14mm 1.50
8x180-8x6.50-125-14x1.50 8x180mm 8x6.50" 125mm 14mm 1.50
8x200-146-14x1.50 8x200mm 8x200mm 146mm 14mm 1.50
8x210-155-14x1.50 8x210mm 8x210mm 155mm 14mm 1.50
8x6.50-8x170-126.15-14x1.50 8x6.50" 8x170mm 126.15mm 14mm 1.50
8x6.50-8x170-126.15-9/16" 8x6.50" 8x170mm 126.15mm 9/16"-18
8x6.50-8x180-126.15-14x1.50 8x6.50" 8x180mm 126.15mm 14mm 1.50
8x6.50-8x180-124-14x1.50 8x6.50" 8x180mm 124mm 14mm 1.50
8x6.50-8x210-126.15-14x1.50 8x6.50" 8x210mm 126.15mm 14mm 1.50
8x6.50-126.15-14x1.50 8x6.50" 8x6.50" 126.15mm 14mm 1.50
8x6.50-126.15-9/16" 8x6.50" 8x6.50" 126.15mm 9/16"-18
8x6.50-116.7-14x1.50 8x6.50" 8x6.50" 116.7mm 14mm 1.50
8200/8210-6550-108-14x1.50 8x200mm/8x210mm 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50
8650/8170-6550-108-14x1.50 8x6.50"/8x170mm 6x5.50" 108mm 14mm 1.50

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