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4x100 to 4x4.25
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4x100 to 4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality 4x100 to 4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters. Our conversion adapter, crafted through CNC lathe precision, seamlessly fits over the hub. It enables versatile bolt pattern conversions, allowing transitions such as changing from 4 to 5 bolts, 6 to 5 bolts, 5 to 6 bolts, or 5 to 4 bolts pattern effortlessly.

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Product Description

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality 4x100 to 4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters. We look forward to cooperating with you. You'll need to acquire lug nuts separately to attach the wheel adapter to your vehicle. However, we offer lug nuts and can assist in adding the correct ones to your order; simply get in touch with us. Ensure you refer to your vehicle manufacturer's specifications for the appropriate lug nut thread size and torque requirements. For any queries or guidance, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

4x100 to 4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters are precision-engineered components designed to alter the bolt pattern of a vehicle's wheel hub. Crafted from high-quality billet aluminum, these adapters enable the installation of wheels with a different bolt pattern than the vehicle's hub. The term "4x100" denotes a specific bolt pattern where there are 4 lug nuts positioned in a circular pattern with a 100mm diameter circle.

Product Parameters

Part No Vehicle Wheel I.D. Stud
4x100-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x100mm 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x100-4x4.50-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x4.50" 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4450-4100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x4.5" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4100-4100-74-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x100mm 4x100mm 74mm 12mm 1.50

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