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4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters

Buy 4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters which is of high quality directly with low price. These adapters are constructed from aluminum alloy 6061/T6 and crafted using CNC lathe technology to precisely shape them to fit over the hub. Additionally, the stud holes are accurately drilled to accommodate the studs for proper fitting.

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Product Description

Youzhan is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces 4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate wheel adapter or wheel spacer, feel free to reach out to us at 0574-6237-8976. Our team is available to address any inquiries you may have. Our wheel adapters are meticulously manufactured using premium 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, ensuring top-notch fitment and unmatched strength for your needs.

Notice:Please ensure that the vehicle's studs do not protrude beyond the adapter's face to avoid contact with the back side of the outer adapter piece; adjustments like grinding, cutting, or trimming may be necessary. It's crucial for the two adapter pieces to align perfectly without gaps. Properly torque the attaching bolts, lug nuts, and wheel fastenings during installation. Torque the bolts holding the adapter together to 80 ft lbs for secure attachment. Note that some vehicles may require modifications to make the 4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters work properly.

Product Parameters

Part No Vehicle Wheel I.D. Stud
4x100-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x100mm 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x100-4x4.50-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x4.50" 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4450-4100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x4.5" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4100-4100-74-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x100mm 4x100mm 74mm 12mm 1.50

Process Text

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