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4x100 to 4x4.5
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4x100 to 4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters

Youzhan is a professional leader China 4x100 to 4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us. Within our wheel adapters, you'll find embedded studs and lug nuts, serving to firmly secure your wheel onto the adapter for a reliable connection.

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Product Description

High quality 4x100 to 4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters are offered by China manufacturer Youzhan. These wheel adapters facilitate a transition from a vehicle bolt pattern of 4x100 to a wheel bolt pattern of 4x4.5". With a center hole diameter of 74, they are constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and undergo precision CNC machining for accurate fitting and compatibility between the different bolt patterns. If you have questions about vehicle compatibility or need to customize this part, please contact us before placing your order.

A: Check the thickness of the adapter you are ordering. If your vehicle has studs that are longer than the thickness of the adapter, you will need to trim your vehicle studs. If your rims mount with lug bolts, and you want to install a thin adapter, you may need shorter lug bolts.

B: The center bore of the adapter is the size of the big hole in the middle. If the center of your hub is larger than the center bore of the adapter, it will not fit. It's OK if the center of your hub is smaller. If you need an exact fit than order hub-centric adapters.

C: Each 4x100 to 4x4.5" Billet Wheel Adapters includes pressed in studs and open ended lug nuts for easy installation. If the adapter doesn't match your vehicle's studs, you will need new lug nuts

Product Parameters

Part No Vehicle Wheel I.D. Stud
4x100-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x100mm 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x100-4x4.50-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x4.50" 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4450-4100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x4.5" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4100-4100-74-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x100mm 4x100mm 74mm 12mm 1.50

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