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4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you 4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters. Youzhan wheel bolt-on adapters are made from high quality AL 6061 by 4-axis CNC, Each adapter comes with 40CrMo made class 10.9 high strength knurl studs, and open end lug nuts, studs length are 60mm, 71mm, 74mm, strong studs pressed through the adapters. Any thickness are available according to special request.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy customized 4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters from us. Our YouZhan wheel bolt-on adapters are expertly crafted from top-notch AL 6061 using advanced 4-axis CNC technology. Each adapter is equipped with 40CrMo-made class 10.9 high-strength knurl studs along with open-end lug nuts. The studs boast lengths of 60mm, 71mm, and 74mm, offering robust support as they are firmly pressed through the adapters. These 4x4.25" Billet Wheel Adapters are adaptable in terms of thickness, accommodating various requirements based on special requests. They serve to facilitate seamless attachment, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the vehicle's hub and the wheels, thereby expanding the range of wheel options for customization needs.

Product Parameters

Part No Vehicle Wheel I.D. Stud
4x100-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x100mm 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x100-4x4.50-60-12x1.50 4x100mm 4x4.50" 60mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.25-4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-4x100-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4x4.50-71-12x1.50 4x4.50" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4425-4450-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.25" 4x4.50" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-71-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 71mm 12mm 1.50
4100/4450-4425-74-12x1.50 4x100mm/4x4.50" 4x4.25" 74mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4450-4100-71-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x4.5" 4x100mm 71mm 12mm 1.50
4425/4100-4100-74-12x1.50 4x4.25"/4x100mm 4x100mm 74mm 12mm 1.50

Process Text

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